Upper Delaware River Insects.

Aquatic Insects of the Delaware River.
Upper Delaware River Insects, aquatic insects.

Upper Delaware River Insects

Aquatic Insects of the Upper Delaware River

A Computer Program For Fly Tiers and Fisherman.
For Windows 98, ME, XP

="text-align: center;">350 Megabits of Useful Information

  After years of keeping notes on the Upper Delaware aquatic insects on paper, and or a word processor all I could think is there has to be a better way. A better way to keep my notes in order. So I tried the database program that came with Microsoft Works. Ok I could keep track of the insects with a record for each one, but I wanted more. I wanted the ability to add a picture of both the natural, and my imitation, along with a sample of the dubbing color that I used for each fly that I tied. I also wanted the ability to keep and sort my stream notes by date.

  I started working on my idea, and what evolved was this program Upper Delaware River Insects. Upper Delaware River Insects contains pictures and notes on important Mayflies, Caddisflies, and Stoneflies that you will find on the Upper Delaware River

  If you're a fly fisherman fishing the Upper Delaware River area, and you're serious about aquatic insects, or just learning how to fly fish this program is for you.

  For the experienced fly fisherman Insects is an easy place to keep daily stream notes, fly patterns, and will assist with insect identification.

  For the beginner knots are an important part of getting started, learn how to tie a sergeons knot, an improved clinch knot, and a nail knot from the instructional knot tying videos. Maybe you're intrested in fly tying, learn to tie flies with the instructional fly tying videos. Learn to tie a Marabou Streamer, a Hare's Ear Nymph, and a Standard Dry Fly pattern.

  That's right Upper Delaware River Insects includes instructional knot, and fly tying videos! Watch them right on your desktop!

Upper Delaware River Insects

  Not only for fly fisherman fishing the Upper Delaware River System!

  That's right, although the insects in this program are all collected from the Upper Delaware System most, if not all of them are known through out the North Eastern United States. Making the information in Upper Delaware River Insects a valuable tool for anyone fishing the region.

  All that and more!

  Insect identification.
  Generic keys for Mayflies.
  Specific keys for adult Caddisfly identification.
  Pronounciation keys for, Mayflies, Caddisflies, and Stoneflies.
  Large clear pictures of, Mayflies, Caddisflies, and Stoneflies.
  Three separate database programs.
  Keeping track of your fly patterns is easy with the Fly Data   Database.
  Add your fly fishing pictures to Picture Database.
  Keep track of your daily stream notes with the Fly Fishing Notes Database.

  Free updates, just click on Help - Check For Updates, for the latest updates.

The Main Window
Delaware River

  Main Window - The Main window is your gateway to all of the features of Upper Delaware River Insects. Selecting a Insects Latin name from the combo box will display the a picture and information for that insect. Notes on the insects, size, color, and other important information are displayed in the text box.

Specific Keys for Caddisflies!
aquatic insects

  Upper Delaware River Insects gives you specific keys for important adult caddisflies.

  All caddis listed in this program have easy to follow keys to the genus level, with keys to the species level for the most important.

The Fly Data Database Program

  The Fly Data Database now comes loaded with over 60 fly patterns!

Delaware River Insects

  Use the Fly Data Database to save, and sort the information on all of your imitations, and keep notes on the natural insects they match. Add pictures of your imitations. Add pictures of the dubbing that you use for precise color matching. Dubbing manufacturer's colors tend to change from time to time, and the exact color is essential to fool selective trout. For years I've kept small pinches of dubbing in small zip lock bags as a color reference. Now with the Fly Data Database you will have a reference color sample ready for viewing.

  The New Importing, Exporting feature of the Fly Data Database - makes it easy to share, and swap your fly patterns.

  Export your Fly Data Records to share with your friends, or Export them to .htm files for use on your web site.

Nymph Types

  Generic keys for Mayfly Dun, and Nymph identification.

aquatic insects

Minimum System Requirements
A multimedia computer system with
Windows 95, 98, ME, XP
Screen Resolution 1024 x 768
with 16, 24, or 32 bit Color
400 MHZ Processor
128 MB RAM
400 MB of Free Disk Space, & CD-ROM Drive
A sound card and speakers.

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