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Order Plecoptera - Stone Flies

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   There are nearly five hundred species of stone flies found in North America. Nymphs of most species inhabit riffles because of their need for clean highly oxygenated water to survive. Some species however inhabit slower, silt bottomed warm water streams, others live in lakes and ponds.

   Most species of stone flies are primarily carnivores in the larval stage, especially the later stages of some larger species. Others feed on debris consuming the fungus, and bacteria produced by deteriorating leaves.

   Most species have a univoltine life cycle, some have multiple broods during the same season. Adult Stone fly life spans vary between species from two to three days to a few weeks. Species of adults with a short life span don't feed once they emerge from the nymphal stage. Other species with longer adult life spans find nourishment in the form of pollen, plant material, and other growth found on tree bark.

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